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New Trailer Alert! Godzilla (2014)

Holy mother of god do I want to see this movie. Badly. Badly in a bad way. Ever since the San Diego Comic Con trailer leaked I’ve been super excited about this movie. I love the size, scale enormity, the destruction level that is being shown in this movie. This isn’t the 1998 Godzilla. This […]

New Trailer Alert! Jupiter Ascending

The Wachowskis are at it again with another tale of something. Looks to be a movie of science fiction magnitude taking place between Earth and Jupiter? Typical from the Wachowskis, looks like eye candy but light on the story. Watch the trailer and decide for yourselves.

R.I.P.D. Trailer debuts!!

Popcorn. Machinima put up Universal Studios lastest movie, R.I.P.D based on the Dark Horse comic Rest In Peace Department starting Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Now anything with the Dude in it is going to be good. When’s the last time he’s done a really crappy movie? Even an action film like this will be […] © 2021-2023 Fwoosh LLC Frontier Theme