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Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 – I Ain’t a Judas

  This episode lost me a little. Well, a lot. It was a transitional phase between some major drama and some major drama to be. The showcase here is Andrea and her future. She’s seen what can happen under the leadership of the Governor, or, better yet, what can happen when humanity pulls together and […]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 – Home

  Ok, where the last episode left me wondering where this is going, “Home” definitely brings back the fury. Rick has lost it. Or maybe not. He’s definitely seeing things and as crazy as he is, he also realizes that it is his mind’s way of working things out. He knows Lori is dead, he […]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 – The Suicide King

Finally, a long and boring winter, during which even American Horror Story couldn’t capture my attention, has finally ended. I won’t say that “The Suicide King” was the best Walking Dead episode, but I didn’t get a bang from it either, rather it transitioned back into the world. Let’s Recap. Andrea continues to be annoying. […]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 – Walk with Me

I hadn’t forgotten about Michonne and Andrea, but they weren’t at the forefront of my thoughts. But after Walk with Me, I want more. Michonne and Andrea are on the run, they’ve gone mobile as Andrea is ill and needs help. They’ve left their shelter with the two pet walkers in tow. This episode opens […] © 2021-2023 Fwoosh LLC Frontier Theme