R.I.P.D. Trailer debuts!!


Machinima put up Universal Studios lastest movie, R.I.P.D based on the Dark Horse comic Rest In Peace Department starting Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Now anything with the Dude in it is going to be good. When’s the last time he’s done a really crappy movie? Even an action film like this will be fun. Then throw in some eye candy in Mary-Louise Parker (yeah, yum) and Marisa Miller (a different kind of yum) and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Comic book movies are the thing these days and if you can find a good one to adapt, chances are you are going to be golden. The trailer reminds me a lot of MIB, another independent comic that found success on the big screen. Most of them end up as decent popcorn films; you know the kind, grab a tub of popcorn all buttered and salted for good 2 hour sit-down. Entertaining, interesting, amusing, good for a Saturday night, and good to take out and watch on a rainy day. R.I.P.D. looks to deliver at least this much based on the trailers.

And it has pot smoking Dude and THE pot dealing soccer mom in it. What could go wrong?

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