American Horror Story – Asylum Season 2 Episode 10 – The Name Game

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The holiday break has ended and American Horror Story Asylum returns.

Returns returns returns.

This episode needs no further love other than recognizing the Name Game song. Holy crap I don’t know what happened with this series between the aliens, devil and all in all insanity. But here we go, Sister Jude or Judy Martin dancing and singing the name game. If this season is truly about exposing insanities and the crazies then this episode throws that down on the table like a steaming pile of bricks! Simply fabulous. Granted Jude’s been going through some serious electro-shock therapy so who knows.

Kit. Killed and brought back to life and Grace reappearing pregnant as hell. And Pepper being the wet nurse. Ah hell I’m lost, so lost I think I might as well check in to Briarcliff myself. The whole aliens theme is so… unexplored that I don’t know where it is going or how it is going.

Lana and Thredson, this needs to end, it’s gotten boring and is drawing out. They need to do something with this story line, get Thredson exposed and kill him off, let Lana go free. It’s just gone circular.

Sister Mary and Dr. Arden has finally come to a close. Another story line that became boring. She’s the devil he’s an evil Nazis monster, got it. Move on. And we did. Arden grows a conscience killing his works of art. Then Sister Mary is brought to her end or something like that. Arden decides to off himself and takes a fire bath with Mary. I don’t know if this is a fitting end, but they definitely killed off this boring story line.

As with much of this season loose ends, better, boring ends, are being wrapped up and closed. This whole season left me scratching my head and definitely lost a lot of the “oh shit” factor from last season.


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