Iron Man 3 Hits Theaters This Week!

Marvel’s Iron Man movies are a family favorite in my house, my wife and sons love the films, love Stark and love the portrayal of Iron Man. We watch them on BluRay, we watch them in the theaters, we buy the toys, we play the games. Yes, Iron Man is a favorite. And the last 2 weeks has been nothing but “Are we going to see it on opening night?”

I can’t answer that.

But I can tell you that before the end of this week we will see the film.

There are tons and tons of previews out, including features from Marvel (see above). There’s been so much revealed for this movie that at this point I’m not certain there is much left to see. They’ve shown us a ton of armors, supplied information about the new mk42, revealed the bad guy, blown up Air Force One, and so much more that I don’t think there is a movie left to see.

But that’s being stupid. This is Marvel, and this is the movieverse, and Iron Man 3 is the set up for the next story arc of movies that will climax in Avengers 2 in a few years. Everything that happens in this movie, sets the tone. And that excites me more than anything else.

Remember to book your ticket to what will be the summer’s first big blockbuster starting at a local movie theater near you.

If for some reason you have not seen the first 2 films you can still pick them up at

As always you can talk about this further on the Fwoosh forums.

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