Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Episode 4 “Rebellion”

The new Prime?

Things continue to not look good for the Autobots. Their attempt to takeover Darkmount was a valiant one, and it almost worked, but we quickly learn that even with Ultra Magnus now among their ranks, they are still outgunned by Megatron and his army. The Autobots continue to be cast as the underdogs fighting a hopeless battle against the effective and organized Decepticons.

One thing the Autobots managed to do is get rid of that pesky Predacon Shockwave had unleashed upon them. With some fancy flying and some clever timing, Ultra Magnus managed to trick the Predacon into flying straight into a space bridge that transports him to a frozen wasteland where he finds himself immediately frozen and immobile. Starscream, of course, gloats, and Shockwave quietly and deliberately walks out of the building to deal with the Autobots himself. He engages Bulkhead and Wheeljack in combat, and does a pretty good job of handling them both despite being a scientist and not a warrior, primarily. It’s looking as though Shockwave is going to effectively handle these two until…

Optimus Prime returns!

Smokescreen and Optimus were still hidden away trying to figure out how to move forward and deal with Optimus’ near-death condition, when Optimus basically “dies.” Optimus meets with Alpha Trion who explains that Smokescreen is a worthy recipient of the Matrix of Leadership and will make a great Prime just as Optimus had. Smokescreen, however, is not quite ready for the job. When Optimus returns to his body and tells him this isn’t a choice either of them can make, Smokescreen places the Forge of Solus in Optimus’ hand and it does its thing — it revitalizes Optimus Prime. Remember — this tool was to be used to repair the Omega Lock which would have meant a chance to return Cybertron to its former state, but Smokescreen sacrificed this idea in order to save Optimus.

The question is, did Smokescreen do this to truly save Optimus, or did he do it simply because he didn’t want to lead? I’m curious if we’ll ever learn his true motivation for doing this.

Optimus Prime gets a major upgrade thanks to the Forge, and he’s now capable of flight. Just when it’s looking like the Autobots are done for, Optimus comes racing through the skies as triumphantly as it gets and hands Megatron’s butt to him. Optimus Prime is suddenly a very formidable foe for the Decepticons and he handles Megatron easily, tossing him into the inner-workings of Darkmount’s fusion cannons and thereby crippling Darkmount. Darkmount then crumbles to the ground, with Starscream seemingly taking control and transporting a very damaged Megatron out of the area.

As Darkmount crumbles, Shockwave reacts stoically and emotionlessly, requesting a Ground Bridge from Soundwave. We see Shockwave slowly exit the area as though he has not a care in the world as the remains of Darkmount fall all around him.

Enjoying their front-row seats for the return of Optimus Prime

This episode felt more like a season finale than it did the fourth episode of the season. The next episode will definitely feel like a new beginning with the Autobots back and organized once again with Optimus Prime back at the helm. What we have to wonder about now is just how the Decepticons will regroup and take their revenge. I have a feeling we’re going to be in for a whole lot more Shockwave, but that’s just a hunch.

The next episode airs tonight, so make sure you check it out to find out!

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