3rd Superman Trailer

The 3rd Superman trailer was released today and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this upcoming film. I cry during the trailers. I call my kids over and get all teary-eyed. My kids get excited, I get excited.

I love the (producer) Christopher Nolan and (writer) David Goyer DC movieverse that started developing with Batman Begins and is continuing with Superman. I know that not everyone likes the DC movieverse, they want a lighter, more superhero universe, they want a comic on the screen. Since the 80’s I’ve preferred the idea of our superheroes living and reacting in our universe with us. Wasn’t that essentially the draw to Marvel Comics for decades? That these were real people living in our space?

In truth, isn’t that what we loved about the Richard Donner, Christopher Reeve Superman movie? That they were accessible, that it was our world they were in. Sure we call it Metropolis. But it was New York, it was California, it was Kansas. And Christopher Reeve’s Superman was real, tangible, approachable to us. That’s what made it work. From the colors and the lighting  to the costume and the actor, Superman worked.

Which is why I know this film will work. Just take a look at the 3rd trailer, everything in this movie is about relating to the modern moviegoer, to the modern child. When I see how my kids react to the Batman films and this trailer, I know that Nolan and Goyer and director Zach Snyder are treating this movie and subject with the respect that it must have.

This will not be the Donner/Reeve Superman. This will not be the mistake that Superman Returns was. This will be something new and exciting–something for a new generation of moviegoers. I can’t wait.

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