The Walking Dead Series 3 Episode 16 – Welcome to the Tombs


Welcome to the Tombs.

For those of you just joining us, the Tombs are the locked off part of the prison that are dark, gloomy, smelly and full of walkers, living and dead. They are open to the fields behind the prison where the back of the prison was blown out on top of the chain link fence. Full of walkers. Great place to set a trap.

This episode starts off confusing and it seems like Rick’s decided it is time to move on. Cars are being packed, people are leaving. The prison is empty.

The Governor and his hit squad show up, storm the prison and find nothing. No one there. Rick and company are long gone. As the Woodbury team investigates the prison they are drawn out to the Tombs, where a trap waits for them. Walkers storm the raiding party and their flight reaction takes over. They flee the prison to be met with gun fire and are forced off the property.

Rick and team never left. No, those tricksie survivors decided to set up a trap. The emptied out, hid the in bushes, and waited. They waited for the eventual attack that they knew was coming. Rick has no plans to run yet; he’s getting stuck in.  For the long haul? Short haul? Who knows. For now he knows that the prison is home, after all isn’t that what his ghost wife is saying in her apparitions?

The Maybury folk are off and running, driving away, followed by a now extremely pissed off Governor that can only stop the careening caravan. As the fleeing party jumps out of their vehicles, the Governor guns them down, leaving his 2 generals to drive him off. Somewhere. He’s gone.

Rick, Daryl and Michonne head off to get Andrea. Along the way they pick up a lone survivor that helps Rick and company into Maybury, make peace with Tyrese and make off with the rest of the town.

Milton and Andrea don’t make it. Milton’s death at the hands of the Governor was interesting and definitely gives us insight into this fallen leader’s state of mind. Did Governor say “brother” to Milton? As Milton dies, Andrea does her best to escape, sadly it isn’t enough. In fending off walker Milton, she is bitten. When Rick and company find her, there is one future for her: death. It’s never good to see a member die, but Andrea’s character floundered in development hell long enough. Her end this season if anything was dragged out way too long. She’s moved on. Maybe she can find another life in the Star Trek Universe.

What can be said about her final escape scene; there hasn’t been so much foot love since Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Good lord, enough with the feet! At least there was no hammer toe…

This season ends with a loose Governor, a prison full of new people, a prison in desperate need of repair, and Rick having to deal with a son being brought up in a scary world. Carl’s cold-blooded killing was disturbing, and where this story takes Rick and the team will be interesting.

Next season can’t start soon enough.

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