The Walking Dead Series 3 Episode 15 – This Sorrowful Life

No Andrea in this Episode!

Merle dies in this episode, he’s killed, comes back and is killed by Daryl.

He does go out in style. Merle decides to do what Rick is not willing to do and takes Michonne to the Governor. He tricks her, knocks her out and then starts the journey to Maybury. The character development of Merle in this episode is simply fantastic, he went from a crappy bit player to something interesting, captivating. I wanted to see more.

There is of course good walker drama on this journey. The best coming from Merle’s misguided attempt at boosting a car, setting off the alarm and drawing every walker within hearing distance to them. Michonne is bound to a pole, a sure death for most, but she manages to kick ass and take names. Merle gets the car sorted and they’re on their way.

Michonne manages to get under Merle’s skin. While the guy is a hillbilly hick with a plethora of issues, the fact that he wasn’t a stone cold killer before the zombie apocalypse is a fantastic reveal. It’s another one of those insights that show us what impact Zombieland has on people and makes them change. Daryl always defends his brother as being good, and now we know why. At some point and time there was something redeemable in him. He wasn’t always a scum killer. Michonne taps into that, and wins her freedom.

Merle has an epiphany of sorts, he decides it’s time to end things with the Governor, time to take him out. And in a very brave and risky move, Merle sets a trap. That almost works; he almost nails the Governor, almost, oh so close. And the miss costs him. Governor finds him, kills him and walks away.

Upon hearing about Merle’s abduction of Michonne, Daryl heads off after Merle. He finds the carnage, the dead and the risen. And Merle, risen and feeding. Daryl is left with the worst task in the world: taking out one’s brother. Walker, zomb, monster, it’s still a brother–or was a brother–and having to do the worst and take him out isn’t what anyone should have to do.

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